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IDM precision mold maker is a professional factory in manufacturing plastic molds and molding parts for export. We have been certified with ISO 9001-2000 standards with over 200 responsible employees employed in Shenzhen. IDM mold good quality of mold making is determined not only by modern equipments, but also by professional management personnel and experienced workers. Our workers are trained at the beginning. Now most of them are skilled workers and experienced engineers with average 6 years experience.

 According to its past experience, IDM mold has established perfect management procedures and a quality guarantee system; expert technology of mold making and plastic mold products, IDM mold has focused on quality, cost, and delivery. Our staff is committed to manufacturing quality products, on time, at competitive prices. Our success has been achieved by a combination of advanced technology, precision equipment, and qualified staff. These elements work together to accomplish our aim of offering tooling and plastic products with high quality, prompt service and devoted to improving customer's advantage with competitive price.

IDM mold provides top quality and complete business consultancy for all types of plastic manufacturing companies around the world. Our processing, production, project engineering, and management experience guarantees that we provide uncompromising services to the plastic manufacturing companies. IDM mold's product expertise will help our clients to succeed in the international business competition.

Whether you are looking to build a new business market, expand your existing business, or simply improve your current international business; IDM Mold is prepared to help. We have great international experiences and we can't wait to work for you!

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